What are you hiding?

Walking into an elevator to find someone in a complete morph suit covered by their normal clothes would be peculiar to anyone.  However, to me, a student in a class studying these weird nature phenomenons, while I did have to take a second look and consider the strangeness of this sight I then thought about the meaning behind this and what this display of weird nature really means.  Of course I’m drawn to thinking that this may just be a joke or a dare from a friend to walk around for an hour with this costume on or maybe the person under the suit is actually trying to hide something.  Alison Kinneys work entitled “Hood” then popped into my mind.  While this morph suit was a bit more dramatic than a hoodie, both encompassed the same ideas to me.  Kinney’s work focused on the comfort people found in their hoodies and how hoodies are given such a derogatory, even racist image linked to them when they shouldn’t be.   Kinney stresses that it is what is under the hood that counts… not because we can’t see what is under it but because when someone sees a black man in a hood they jump to a different conclusion than seeing a white man in a hoodie or even a black man in a suit.  This morph suit brings to light that same idea.  I look at this person unsure whether they are black, white, hispanic, even unsure whether they are a male or female for that matter but it does not and should not make a difference.  It is proving the same point to me that while I don’t know I must not assume.  This morph suit does more than a hoodie does, while Kinney’s essence of the hood is of the assumption that who is wearing it creates the image we perceive, we do not know at all who is under this suit so we are left to wonder. For all we know it could be President Judy Genshaft under there trying to just live her life as a normal person and maybe hide under the hood so she won’t be seen differently. After taking this into consideration, I then wondered what it would be like to be the one in the suit or in Kinney’s argument, the hoodie.  I wondered if people treated this person in the morph suit as though he were some sort of monster or if they treated him just like a normal person… because isn’t that where the issue arose with Kinney’s work?… that we don’t treat this black man in a hood the same way we would treat one without.  So the weird aspect of this may seem that there is someone under the hood that we have no clue what they look like or who they are but they are living their life in the elevator as if there is nothing necessarily “weird” going on. Thus with that I think I would agree with the person wearing the suit and I think Kinney as well that this is a phenomenon and idea worth changing.   We shouldn’t pay attention to the weirdness or stereotype of what a certain outfit gives to a person because there may be a good reason for wearing the hood or maybe no reason at all.  I think being out in public completely covering your face, head, body or anything you wish is okay because it is what is on the inside and under the hood that matters.  FullSizeRender.jpg


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