Super Damages

The Incredible’s 2 was announced to be released in 2018 and a couple months back and I am still excited to see it. This blog, of course, is continued on the basis of me procrastinating for my finals again.


It is hilarious that a “superhero” is being sued for the “super damages” that he created.


Identifying Mr. Incredible isn’t necessarily important it is the results of the hearing and how the people dealt with the “threat” that was upon them. Effectively, the lawsuit stripped away Mr. Incredible “superhero” identity to forced him appear more human; to fit in like everyone else. This course of action alluded to the first day of our class and the werewolf analogy and it only made me believe Mr. Incredible is a monster and in order for the citizens to quell their monsters they gave him the ultimate burden; being human. I would argue this using Cohens monster thesis:

Mr. Incredible is a monster because he exists as a cultural body. Considering Mr. Incredible is a literal creation of our culture, he is the vitalization of the cultural movement towards superhero abilities that comes with technology. He is the change that society can see through the advancement of science (cyborgs?).

Mr. Incredible always escapes his fate. Much like Batman Mr. Incredible caused millions of dollars in damages and personal injury and escapes that fate with his alter ego Craig Nelson. Notice that it is Mr. Incredible that is being sued not the entire identity/body of Mr. Incredible.

Mr. Incredible cannot be placed in easy categorization. To White’s definition Mr. Incredible is the chimera of the Pixar world. He is the hybridization of human and monstrous animal. Mr. Incredible, un-incredibly, exists in the in-between space of the human binary scale thus blurring his identity. He is neither the batman(human) of his city, nor the ‘thing’ from the fantastic four(animal). He wears the skin of a human, but I cannot see anyone else in the film consider him human. That is way they call him “superhuman”.

Mr. Incredible is therefore placed into the category of other and therefore dwells at the gates of difference. From the perspective of the suing party Mr. Incredible is the Godzilla that is destroying the town. He is endangering the lives of their children and  home life and is savage, barbaric, and deemed as other. Much like how Syndrome, the “evil” character in the movie, is the disease that much be eliminated because he is the foreign body invading the city,

Mr. Incredible is the boundary of what is humanly possible and Mr. Incredible reminds everyone of the humanness of the common citizen. However:

Mr. Incredible is idolized and desired. The only reason why Syndrome became his own version of “superhero” is because of the extreme desire to be Mr. Incredible

And what I am assuming Incredible 2 will addressee is why Mr. Incredible exist. However, the movie showcases that Mr. Incredible was the catalyst of “becoming” for the city by the eventual acceptance of their monsters (superheros) and in the end accept that the city needs their monsters.

So I would suggest that this movie should be considered a becoming/coming-to-age story.


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